What’s Suicide Bunny?

4659242313_a5c288c774_bJust from the name itself, one can be tempted to think otherwise about this company. It is an e-juice company that deals with a lot of e-juice products, their preparation and distribution.

The person behind the creation of the Suicide Bunny e-juice is a lady by the name Pip Gresham. She rarely sleeps as she spends most of her time in the shop working hard to come up with credible e-liquid stuff that many individuals and companies all over the world can admire and buy. She really tried her level best to come up with something that could impress and be used by all and boost their health conditions too.


She had some main reasons why she made the inventions. One main one being the fact that her husband was a total smoker and she had the pressure of curbing it. She, in fact, could never visit any laboratory with cases of mixing and many other problems. She did it out of love, dedication and passion which motivated her a lot to come up with great flavors.

What you need to know about suicide Bunny E-juice liquids
These products are prepared and made with a lot of ease from ingredients that have an American origin. A lot of control is directed to each bottle during this preparation. All liquids must pass through master for it to qualify to be given the a label with Suicide Bunny. This ensures that the liquids produced are of high quality and value.

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As these e-liquids are mostly optimized into vapor, individuals can enjoy vaping every now and then. The vapor thing comes in due to the presence of some ingredients in these e-liquids which include; vegetable glycerin, which is used in foods and health protection products, Propylene glycol used to sort things and fog machines, food flavors, pharmaceutical nicotine and distilled water.

Vape liquids were being used in different ways that never pleased Pip until she could always dream of coming up with something tasty and crazy out of it that could make one happy taking a sip of it. Vape liquids became the order of the day in her mind as she used a lot of creativity in bringing about what many would admire and dream of always. This made her brand work as her goal in the creation of e-juices came realistic.